Friday, February 20, 2015

Beauty in the Bleak & White

When the weather is bleak and white, there is bound to be some "close to home" inspiration and opportunities for memorable photos.

Years ago, living on Long Island, one of my all time favorite plants was the Azalea.  Our house was surrounded by Azaleas of all different colors and sizes.  Some must have been there since the house was built in the 60's. 

My husband and I did a lot of planning and upgrades to the house to make it our Home Sweet Home.

During renovations, dust covered every room, dinner was prepared in a toaster oven in the dining room, and boxes filled with brand new kitchen cabinets sat in our living room, as we waited for missing boxes and appliances to arrive.

There were walls to be painted, oak floors to be polished, and bedrooms to be decorated.  

When the paint fumes were just too strong, or the stress and chaos in the house was too much to handle, I would grab my camera and head out to our 2 acre wooded property.  I would wander around observing little details such as the dried leaves that refused to fall off the scraggly mountain laurel,and the fuzzy vine of poison ivy that wound its way to the top of an old oak tree.

Each season brought new discoveries and offered many photographic opportunities. Winter was the most surprising for me.  Looking out my shade-less windows, it looked grey, white and black.....everywhere. It seemed very bleak and gloomy. They skies were usually grey, the oaks, poplars, and laurel trunks a brown/grey, and small branches almost black. There were only a handful of evergreens on the property, and rarely any in sight from the windows.  

In the early morning hours, after a blustery evening snow storm, I found so much beauty.  Close up photos captured the intricate snowflakes settling peacefully on the delicate azalea branches. Close up shots also allowed me to eliminate all the gloomy background I was tiring of seeing day after day. 

These close up photos allowed me to hold on to the beauty of winter. When winter passed and the seasons went by, I would look at these photos and really appreciate the opportunity I had.  As difficult as winter was,I was able to capture these treasured moments of my peaceful wanderings and observation. 

After several years of hard work, sweat, and a lot of determination, our house was completely renovated and beautiful. I have many treasured photos taken from the beautiful old Home Sweet Home on the hill, in the woods, on Long Island.

Creatively yours,