Saturday, November 7, 2015

Art Journals

Art journaling is my all time favorite activity. Sometimes creating the art journal is the most fun.  For a while I was creating more art journals than I could fill, so they began to have different purposes.

This particular journal was a one month planner/journal.  I picked a theme for the month, which happened to be making changes.  So on the cover, I use a butterfly and you can see the phrases I used:  "Spread your wings and fly" and "next exit".  Inside are my daily activities, doodles, plans, thoughts, collages, and dreams,  This kept me on track for my monthly goal. It was a daily reminder of what I had planned for that month.  It gave me a nudge to create the changes I wanted to make.

This photo is of a page in a yearly planner, part of the Documented Life Project that inspired me to combine my daily planner with weekly art.

It is a simple collage that represents how getting outside and working in the garden, grounds you, and heals stress.

Here is a painting I did in a "round robin" art journal.  That was a lot of fun.  Our group of about 10 amateur artists each created a handmade art journal.  The journals were passed around on a monthly basis.  We took turns painting a page or two in each journal and eventually the journal returned home to it's original owner filled with delicious paintings.

I created this big journal to store all my creative ideas and dreams.  In the girl's hair is a paper rose I learned to make by watching a you-tube video.  There are so many great arts & crafts ideas on favorite pastime when I must be bedridden with the flu or other ailment/recovery.

I have many art journals, and all filled with delicious inspiration.  I can't wait to share them all in hopes of inspiring you.  My creative ideas were spawned by other artists sharing their wisdom and inspiration.  My goal now is to give back and do the same.

Thank you for visiting.  Leave me messages, I'd love to hear from you.

Creatively yours,


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Preparing for the Journey

I love traveling. I love art journaling.  I love day dreaming.  I love designing.  Put them all together and you get a unique travel journal.
I have quite a few travel journals now, some from long far away vacations and some from weekend romps.  But I have to say this one is one of my favorites.

I didn't buy anything new for this----I used what I had in my studio.  If you saw my studio you'd say I better do more of that because I have too much.  But sometimes saving too much junk turns into a beautiful creative project.  

Look at the cute binding!  I rolled handmade paper over small plastic tubes  saved from those doggie bag rolls.  I used leftover yarn to bind the signature pages, and the back cover was made from the plastic box top.  
In this photo you are looking through the plastic cover to the last page of the journal. As I type thisI am thinking about all the ways I can layer clear plastic in my journals.  So many ideas, so little time.
Of course a cute tie must be added that seems to match the theme of the trip:  beach colored twine. Lots of it!

I hope I've inspired you to look around you house for items you can use for free to spice up your next homemade journal!

Creatively yours,