Monday, December 7, 2015

Inspiration from Stories People Tell You

Next time someone starts telling you a story--about a recent trip, their childhood, or a funny thing that happened to them---listen. Carefully.  Picture the event in your mind.  Think about an interesting painting or collage that it inspires you to create.  Think of the colors you might use.

A friend of mine told me a story about a trip she took to Cuba and I had this image in my head of her wrapping her arms around all the children happy to see her. The photo above is just part of the painting that I was inspired to create. Although I would love to tell her story, it is her story to tell.  This is the inspiration I received from hearing it. 

Pay close attention to stories you hear, events that take place, movies you watch.  The stories you hear that touch you deeply are the ones that matter.  Those are the stories that can inspire great creativity.

As a thank you to my friend for the inspiration, I photographed the painting and with it created a beautiful hand made card that simply said "thank you for the inspiration."

I hope you too find inspiration and create original artwork.  Don't forget to thank the person that shared their story.

Happy listening!

Creatively yours,  Karen