Sunday, June 5, 2016

Morning Cityscape

I love photography - the play of composition, colors, and light.  Sometimes the beauty of what the eye sees can be captured in a photo. Sometimes with some digital enhancement and manipulation of a photo, beautiful artistic photographs can be created.

One weekend, years ago, my husband and I went on a mini vacation to Charlotte, NC.  We stayed in a high-rise hotel right in the heart of the city.  I was way out of my comfort zone, but enjoyed staying in the city.  It was busy and exciting, with people out an about and lots of things going on.

When I stay in a hotel, I tend to wake up at sunrise, even with blackout curtains.  Perhaps its because I don't sleep as well as in my own bed, or perhaps I just anticipate the day ahead.  Either way, mornings have become a great photography opportunity for me, especially when away from home.

Being in the city, also out of my photographic comfort zone, I found the compositions, colors and light that I had not anticipated.

The tall buildings and cranes added framework and were interesting subjects to photograph.  The buildings still lit up from the night added additional light and interest to the photos.

The colorful morning sky reflecting off the building windows made my heart sing with joy.  In the photo to the below, what you are seeing a building whose windows are reflecting the reflection of the sunrise sky from another building.  How cool is that?

I had found so many subjects to photograph and work with, just from an hour looking out my hotel window one morning in Charlotte.  Never again do I doubt the ability use my creative mind in finding subject matter to photograph.  Sometimes we have to get up early to see the beautiful morning light, but the photographic possibilities could be quite surprising and the memories will last a lifetime.