Thursday, March 16, 2017

ART&TRAVEL - Join the Virtual Adventure

Travels, Journeys, Adventures...they create feelings of excitement, anticipation, and planning.

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Take a virtual trip around the world in this new blog series: ART&TRAVEL.  I will be sharing various mixed media art inspired by different places and cultures around the world.

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I enjoy reading novels about people who travel and go on adventures, who meet interesting people and learn a lot about themselves and what they are capable of.  I enjoy reading about their struggles and how they overcame them, how they travel lightly, and without fear.

As a child and teen I traveled with my parents and siblings.  As an adult, I traveled both with my husband and children, and alone with my husband.  I went new places, tried new things, got out of my comfort zone, and enjoyed different cultures, colors, and flavors of the world.  There are so many places I have not been, that are on the someday list...the bucket list.

Every place I have gone has had unique characteristics that set it apart from other places -- the culture and history, the colors, flavor of foods, flora & fauna, language, and landscape. Many photos have been captured along the way to remember these wonderful experiences.  Looking at the photos and through my travel art journals, brings me so much inspiration.  I also captured photos that wouldn't be put in an album, but of things that inspired me, such as doorways, designs on wall tiles or cobblestone streets, plants that were unusual that looked like they would be fun to draw.  I saw a species of plant on a cruise ship that I guess was inspiration to Dr Seuss at one time.  It looked like a hairstyle for some of his characters.

As an artist, I am very in-tune with my senses, especially visually. I am now collecting all my travel experiences and putting them into my art, in some form or another.

With that in mind, I am creating a new blog series: ART&TRAVEL. Travel the World through a Virtual Art Experience.  The blog posts will be filled with photos of cultural mixed media crafts inspired by my travels.

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I would love for you to join me in this adventure (I don't like to travel alone) as I would love to see where ART&TRAVEL inspiration takes you.

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I look forward to seeing you there.

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