Sunday, March 5, 2017

Emergence of an Angel

I love to draw and paint faces.  That was not always true.

My first face drawing experience, like most people, was when I was young.  Chalk, crayon, pencil, and whatever paper I could find.  There may even be some in a box somewhere in my parents house.  They were nothing out of the ordinary for any child.  I was not gifted with the skill of drawing.

Once I was a teenager and seriously became interested in drawing better, I sought out drawing books at the library and learned how to draw the human figure.  Then I used magazine photos as inspiration for my drawings.  But the features of the face seemed so intricate and detailed that I frustratingly gave up and moved on to landscapes.

It was 30 years later that I decided I seriously wanted to learn again how to draw and paint faces. That's all it really takes....desire.  Once you have the desire to succeed at something, everything will fall into place.  You find the way.

So I started all over again.  The faces I drew I didn't like.  I practiced and practiced and practiced. I knew I needed some help to get the faces to look more like what I visioned in my head, so I took a few on-line classes.  I breeezed right through the classes because I only needed that special something to make the faces the way I had been envisioning them.

Finally I started making faces that were acceptable to me.  And I learned that the "flaws" in my drawings and paintings were not actually flaws, but my style.  I learned over time that I didn't need to perfect the drawings and paintings to make them look realistic.  They were who they were.  And the more I drew and painted faces, the more personality I saw in them.

Sometimes I work on completing a face over a course of a day, sometimes a few days, sometimes a month.  I have some uncompleted for much longer than that.  I do not really plan how they are going to turn out.  They seem to emerge on their own.  My daughter once asked me where I get the ideas for my paintings, and she was perplexed when I told her they are in my head.  But they are.

 I would love to hear about your struggles with drawing and painting faces.  You can use the comment box below.

Creatively yours,


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