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1. Soapbox Art Journal

Check out this cute little soapbox art journal I made from scraps that would have been tossed in the garbage.

2. Fun Paper Tape, Reinforcers, and Background Paper

Create fun unique paper tape, reinforcers, and background/scrapbook paper for your next project.  Make these in one afternoon, all together, and they will coordinate beautifully if used together.  Or you can use them for other paper/scrapbooking, art journaling projects.  Watch the video, be inspired, follow along how I make them or add your own creative twist. Password is below the video.



Supplies used for project above: brown craft paper to cover the work surface, 1 sheet 8x11 sketch paper, 2" wide masking tape, 6  2.5"x4.5"sheets of reinforcers, liquid acrylic paint (blue, red, & yellow), white acrylic gesso, black india ink, 1/2" small brush, small fan brush, small round brush, feather, cotton swabs.

3. Healing Journal

I created this journal for my mother when she was going to have major surgery with a long recovery. The journal was filled with decorated pages, pockets, tags, quotes, and all sorts of goodies for planning and writing.

 Click on the link below to go to the You-tube video 

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